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AKP Entertainment


The company



AKP ENTERTAINMENT is a music production agency. Hosting various genre from K-Pop to EDM.


Founded by singer and music producer 막스 'Floyd' with the collaboration of DJ Nitrous, AKP Entertainment is the next North American record label industry housing space for music all around the world !


 After spending almost 2 years in Beijing, 'Floyd' started making contacts overseas in the world of music. His passion grew and inspired him to help people produce their own music. Then he decided to create his own company based on the imagination of young musicians and their aspiration to become famous celebrities, pop star, idols etc...



The team



Duo Nitrous 'n Sour :

Max Floyd, 막스 'Floyd' (music producer, vocal coach and songwriter) DJ Nitrous (music producer, mixing & mastering engineer) The duo produced singles for the hiphop-franco industry with popular artist such as Rymz (l'ADISQ public choice award winner) Saye, Mauvais Actes et Ô-lit. They also produced compositions and arrangements for the National Youth Orchestra of Canada


David Trudeau (dance mentor) :

Founder of Studio Underground Gold medalist winner @ Dance World Cup -Solo (2009-2010-2014) -Group (2009-2010-2011-2012-2014-2016)


Jihye Park, 박지혜 (language tutor):

Interpreter and personal assistant in the Korean drama "Goblin" (2016-2017


World renown photographer


Recording crew/studio behind the music of le Cirque du Soleil


Professional Makeup Artists, Hair dressers and Clothing designers


Entire dedicated crew for choreographies, dance practices and lessons



The Goal


The main goal of the company is to promote multicultural aspects of music within development inside North America. 



Past Events

V-Square Online Audition
AKP Entertainment K-Pop Audtition